The Iluka Collective Services

We offer our clients our ideas, strategies, experience, relationships, systems, technical expertise and passion.

The iLUKA Collective is the only turnkey agency in the global events sector that provides a 360-degree platform from strategic development through to operational delivery.

Operational Planning
Brand Experience
Games Time Staffing
Hospitality Management
IT Services/Pulse



As a specialised agency, The iLUKA Collective work exclusively for sponsors and stakeholders to create strategies, design programmes and deliver operations for activations at Global sporting events.

We accompany our clients on their sponsorship journey, understanding that each client’s objectives, needs, styles and budgets are different: each sponsorship activation is unique.

Strategy Approach: At the outset, we work with you – as an extension of your internal team – to understand your company requirements and the personality of your brand, to bring to life your objectives across all of your business units and internal teams so that your clients and customers will have a deep emotional connection to your brand as part of their event experience.  Our customised approach will optimise the final programme offering and inclusions to ensure you gain a return on your investment. 

Operational Planning

With large-scale sporting events, there are no dress rehearsals: you have to get it right the first time. Our Operational Planning team has the years of experience and the attention-to-detail needed to guarantee that your whole organisation achieves business success through your sponsorship activation.

We accompany our clients on their sponsorship journey, understanding that each client’s objectives, needs, styles and budgets are different: each sponsorship activation is unique.

Strategy: At the outset, we work with you – as an extension of your internal team – to understand your company requirements and the personality of your brand, to bring to life your objectives across all of your business units and internal teams so that your clients will have a deep emotional connection to your brand as part of their event experience.

Operational Planning: In order to ensure the seamless integration of your internal teams at the time of the event, we develop robust operational planning across all facets of your sponsorship programme: customised business unit programmes, guest invitation management, merchandising, arrivals & departures, accommodation, transportation, accreditation, ticketing, food & beverage, hospitality lounges and, of course, staffing.

Event Readiness: We know that flawless execution requires endless preparation and boundless dedication to excellence. In the months leading up to your event, we will run your internal teams (from communications to security) through a series of event-readiness workshops in order to validate all operations plans, mitigate any eventual event-time risks and ensure the preparedness of your entire company.

Operational Excellence: During the event, we will host a live, 24/7 operations hub dedicated to your company, helping you to manage all aspects of your activation programme and ensure seamless collaboration with the event organisers, security forces, etc. We will provide you with live, daily and post event reports, such as a a 10 point snapshot including: incidents, guest movements, contractual issues, staff performance & wellbeing, IT and Data, Security, Commercial results as well as key learnings for continuous improvement.

Brand Experience

One of the fundamental value drivers of a client’s activation programme revolves around marketing rights and opportunities that leverage designated marks and logos, mascots, and look of the Games imagery with various initiatives. The Brand Engagement team at The iLUKA Collective are responsible for maximising this opportunity on behalf of our clients and bringing their brand and where appropriate, the event brand with which our client is involved, to life in a tangible and three-dimensional way.

The Brand Engagement team are responsible for delivery of:

  • Co-branded merchandise
  • Licensing
  • Gifting
  • Staff outfitting
  • Space design
  • Venue overlay and fit-out
  • Brand showcasing


Branded gifts and merchandise bring our clients brands to life in a tangible way. The iLUKA Collective believe in providing your guests and staff with a legacy of their event experience – quality merchandise that is useful both during and after the event.

The iLUKA Collective are the only fully integrated agency to maintain licensing expertise on an in-house basis providing a turnkey solution across creative and product recommendations through to shipping, warehousing, fulfilment and project reconciliation. Collectively our team has delivered hospitality outfitting and event merchandise programmes on behalf of 36 Sponsors, Official Broadcasters, Supporters and Suppliers of global sporting events representing more than 125,000 guests.

We are known in the market for creative development of merchandise, aligning with the strategic vision of our client programmes and pride ourselves in our ability to make custom-made premiums. We handle all phases of production through to delivery including:

  • Developing a creative strategic vision
  • Designing brand identification and look
  • Creating innovative product designs
  • Sourcing appropriate uniforms and gifts within an allocated budget
  • Facilitating approvals with the relevant organisations
  • Size forecasting and order placement
  • International shipping, import and logistics
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Event time support

The iLUKA Collective works seamlessly with our clients to ensure that merchandise programmes are efficiently planned and most importantly delivered in a creative and professional manner, on time and to budget.


The opportunity to create a brand experience or showcasing pavilion as part of your sponsorship or event activation is a very exciting proposition. In creating a well-executed showcase, visitors are able to develop a deeper level of connection your brand, understand the objectives behind your sponsorship or event involvement and, through a positive experience, develop deeper, more powerful and lasting relationships with you.

The iLUKA Collective has a reputation for creating stand-out, unique activations by bringing together strategic ideas, superb brand experiences and creative execution with a sense of originality and style, through providing the following services to clients:

  • Location identification and SWOT analysis
  • Target audience identification
  • Visitor experience concept & strategy
  • Structural design of pavilion exterior
  • Content development and branding design
  • Integration of multi-media and interactive elements
  • Sustainable build and legacy planning
  • Procurement and management of pavilion build
  • Internal fit-out and exhibition creation
  • Marketing and PR
  • Guest engagement
  • Operations and staffing
  • Security and crowd management
  • Premiums and giveaways
  • Special event management


The iLUKA Collective’s Overlay Team are responsible for designing and fitting out all of our client hospitality lounges and guest spaces. Focussing on ‘bringing your brand to life’ through superior guest experience, we take a holistic approach to creation of a space design, considering functionality, styling, tone, food and beverage service, branding and the surrounding environment.

We work with our clients to tailor and adapt a creative design concept to any shape, size, style or feel desired or as restricted by any design parameters set by the location and venue, working to compliment the rest of your guest programme and engage even the most discerning of visitors. A turn-key delivery, The iLUKA Collective are able to provide the following services:

  • Venue identification
  • Creative concept development
  • Interior design
  • Look application and brand inclusions
  • Content development and application
  • Styling and space dressing
  • Food and beverage integration
  • Procurement and supplier management
  • Implementation and fit-out
  • Operations
  • Special event management

We have brought these skills to projects at a variety of global events, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, America’s Cup, European Football Championships, NFL Super Bowl, Formula One and the European MTV Awards.

Our guest service philosophy is simple – to create the perfect environment and enhanced services to ensure the highest possible guest experience in a warm, inviting, relaxed yet refined ambiance.

Games Time Staffing

At The iLUKA Collective we take people seriously; hospitality is about people; it is people that drive the difference. Our project teams create extraordinary hospitality programs for your guests, and our team lift that experience to truly create a once in a lifetime experience.

Our commitment to creative human resource management has been backed by investment in innovative and forward-thinking strategies and systems. The iLUKA Collective invests in people at each stage of the process, from recruitment to training through to on-site management, providing our clients with continuity of the team, whilst ensuring motivation is at its highest and the quality of delivery is flawless.

We take a proactive route in discovering the best local and international talent to for fill the roles required to make your program a sterling success.

We stretch out training beyond normal realms in order to turn out a well-informed conscientious team dedicated and proud to deliver your experiences in a unique fashion.

Our experience shows us that staff are not just operational pawns but informed groups of individuals who not only are representative of the brand but are advocates of how the business works and understand the clientele they are dealing with. Over the past 10 years iLUKA has realised the importance of starting recruitment early and in targeted areas such as universities, sports clubs and the like. Our mantra is to choose educated people with a passion for sport but who likewise understand the value and purpose sponsorships serve.

Hospitaility Management

The iLUKA Collective provides a turnkey strategic sporting event hospitality platform for our clients.

We have extensive experience in conceiving, planning and delivering memorable and unique hospitality experiences for our clients and their guests at venues and events around the globe. The iLUKA Collective provides a flexible, scale-able hospitality management service to our clients – from 10 to 10,000 guests at major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Commonwealth Games and European Football Championships.

We pride ourselves on our extensive local market knowledge and experience, having operated at the forefront of the major sports event market for more than 20 years. Our role is to help put the World’s Greatest Brands at the Heart of the World’s Greatest Sporting Events.

Planning and executing cutting edge event hospitality experiences is born from intelligent strategic direction. The iLUKA Collective is an expert in creating an atmosphere which brings together clients and their guests, promoting natural networking opportunities with a seamless delivery, where brand relevance and guest engagement runs through the heart of the experience.

Programme architecture is informed both by the business rationale and operational efficiencies making best use of client assets and financial feasibility.

Our hospitality management services include:

  • Hospitality programme strategic architecture and design
  • Ticket management
  • Transportation logistics
  • Accommodation sourcing and managemen
  • Special event production and leisure programmes
  • Food and beverage experiences
  • Hospitality lounge design and fit-out
  • Merchandise and uniform sourcing and fulfilment
  • Workforce planning and accreditation
  • Operational planning and event readiness
  • Operational on-site management

IT Services / Pulse

Pulse is an intelligent internet based software system designed and built to manage multifaceted levels of information for small conferences to major international sporting hospitality events. Pulse assist in managing events more effectively, by streamlining and automating routine functions. Pulse solutions save time and ensure that events are planned efficiently and professionally.

PULSE is structured with modules:

  • Guest management: The Centralised Database is a repository of all programme assets & guest data.
  • Client portal website: The Client Portal enables business users to request packages and manage their guests RSVP status via a report suite.
  • Guest registration website: Guest Registration Websites enables two way interactions between your guests and the guest management team simplifying collection of guest data.
  • ISAT ticket management: System allows us to manage all facets of your ticket program, including ticket request, ticket allocations and confirmations and seat assignment.
  • Itineraries: The Itinerary module enables teams to build detailed event plans fine grained down to individual grouped which is liked to iTRAK.
  • iTRAK: The key features of the iTRAK App/Module will give team the ability to check guests’ last known location by means of registering guests onto individual itinerary activities.
  • Accommodation: The Accommodation module enables team to plan and allocate rooms and keep track of guest room type and number.
  • Merchandise: The Merchandise module enables general stock control with the addition of automated stock allocation to guests.
  • Badging: The badging module enables the user to generate badges for guests to be used as general programme credential or photo ID security passes.
  • Reporting: All modules have comprehensive reporting capabilities with detailed information available for export.